Strategie und Taktik

Philipp und Julian Autenrieth: "Die beste Taktik und Strategie entscheiden, da Boote und äußere Bedingungen mehr oder weniger für alle gleich sind. Wer das Beste aus diesen Faktoren macht, gewinnt."


Mark Rushall (GBR)

Mark: "I'm excited about the possibilities with Tactical Sailing software."

Mark Rushall
Persistent shift on facebook

"Just been playing with Tactical Sailing Game: lots of potential there. In this clip, Green has a handle on the shift period and sails into the persistent shift, while the others hang out for that winning leftie: It will probably come on the run."
"The big advantage for me over other race situation software is that you can move the wind direction in real time to reproduce realistic situations, and position the boats to demonstrate (or test!) specific scenarios. Well done! I think the game situations will be a fun way to get basic and subtle sailing concepts across to developing sailors: Great when the water is a long way away or the weather is unkind. Very many sailors and coaches use Macintosh computers so its great that the software runs nicely on a Mac with no need for Parallels etc." Visit Rushall Sailing on Facebook and play this video clip: (29.10.2011).

Sailing coach - Writer & journalist - Marine consultant

Mark Rushall has a passion for sailing and for helping people succeed. With over 30 years of winning championships and over 20 years in the marine business, Mark will help you sail faster in the right direction, underpinned with the technical knowledge of what makes your boat fast. With a natural gift for sharing and imparting knowledge, in his personable, friendly and effective style, Mark will help you reach your goals. So whether it’s improving your club racing, winning an Olympic medal or making your business processes more efficient, use this site to find out more about how Mark can help with your sailing or your business. "…one of the UK’s leading sailors and coaches." The Daily Sail, 1 May 2007.


RS 100 DVD

2011 new edition by Mark Rushall: Tactics-new-edition-now-available. With detail improvements and rules sections updated, the new RYA Tactics is now here! Order now for fast delivery of your signed copy in his shop:

RYA TACTICS: An outstanding new guide to racing strategy and tactics:
RYA Tactics is written by Mark Rushall, one of the sport's top tacticians and coaches (with a little help from Ryan Wriggleback). With easy to follow diagrams and colour photographs Mark and Ryan take you logically and holistically through each aspect of the race. The book sheds a new light on the subject and is broken into three easy to follow sections:

  • Setting the Scene
  • Before the Start
  • The Race

"If you take your racing seriously you cannot be without this book." Georgie Collet, Editor, Dinghy Sailing Magazine RYA Tactics, 2007, published by RYA, 184 pages in full colour. ISBN 978-1-905104-21-5 

We recommend his book as Mark presents "Coach-Tips" that you should know.

Smart RS 100 DVD

Mark Rushall takes you through all aspects of sailing the RS100 - boat set up, handling, trim, heavy and light airs technique. As well as RS100 specifics, there are plenty of tips for all single-handed asymmetric sailors.

We recomment his book and DVD, as Mark presents very valuable "Coach-Tips" that you should know.